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Surya Namaskara (Sun greeting)

It is a dynamic sequence of asanas (body positions) where motion is combined with breathing. This sequence prepares the body and the mind for further asana practice.

Benefits for your body:

Greeting the sun improves blood circulation throughout the body, lubricates joints, and improves heart function. The only retained asana in the Sun's greetings is Adho mukha svanasana (translated from Sanskrit, adho means downward, mukha means face, and svanasana means dog, this asana is well known as the Downward Dog position). 5 breaths remain in this position. This asana strengthens the legs and arms, stretches the back, tendons, shins and feet, improves digestion and energizes the body. It also calms the mind, helps relieve anxiety and mild depression, and helps with fatigue, back pain and insomnia.

Benefits for your mind:

Greeting the Sun breathe with a deep, throat-breathing ujjayi breath. Breathing is like a bridge connecting the body with the mind, creating a space for quiet meditation in motion. Allow your mind to follow your breath and when you feel like you are starting to think intensely, return your mind to your breath. Practice being here and now and enjoy the moment, catch your breath and relax.


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